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Should you sell your business?

If you’re thinking about selling your business, but really aren’t sure of whether or not now is the perfect time to do so, you’ll want to pay close attention to all of the inside info we highlight below.   Selling your business is never something you want to take lightly, never a decision you want […]

The basics of hiring great employees

If you’re serious about building a company of any real size or scale these days, the odds are fantastic that you are going to have to eventually hire employees to help you grow – even if these employees are digital freelancers from halfway around the world.   Unfortunately, hiring great employees is nowhere near as […]

How to make your business profitable

Apparently, one of the main aims of establishing a business is to make profits. For you to achieve this, you must be ready to work towards remaining unique in the industry. You can make your business profitable through;   Coming up with a Financial Plan   Roughly estimate how much income you expect in each […]

How to scale your business

In the world of business, if you aren’t growing your operation you are witnessing the death of your business, which is exactly why smart and savvy entrepreneurs spend so much time focusing on the scalability of their businesses and their startups.   Of course, there are definitely some things you can do to more effectively […]

Securing an exit from your startup

Every entrepreneur understands that it’s impossible to shake the desire to continuously start new businesses, reinvent old industries, and find ways to bring new value and new solutions to markets that are desperate for them – which is why so many entrepreneurs eventually leave the companies that they have started, they have founded, and they […]

Should you bring in a partner to your business?

In the early stages of building a business (or a romantic relationship, for that matter), everything seems new, everything seems exciting, and there’s plenty of optimism to go around.   In both of those situations, however, eventually the novelty of something new wears off and you’re left with the reality of a partner and what […]