Finding customers for your product

Believe it or not, there are a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers today that know almost everything about business that there is to know – except for how to find customers for the products that they have to send in the first place!


And as you no doubt understand, nothing in business – and we mean absolutely NOTHING in business – happens until you make a sale. Without money coming in from a steady stream of customers, you don’t even have a business.


In an effort to give you a couple of tips and tricks to help hit the ground running when it comes to boosting sales in the middle of this ultra competitive business environment, we’ve highlighted a couple of things you can do right now to help find more customers ASAP.


Let’s dive right in!


Take advantage of online advertising opportunities


The internet has completely leveled the playing field when it comes to advertising these days, allowing even the smallest of companies to compete globally with multibillion-dollar companies that have been around forever and take advantage of endless marketing budgets.


Use online advertising, search engine optimization, media buys, and any other form of traffic you can think of to drive sales of your products on a daily basis. Always think of ways you can scale and systemize your online traffic generation and you’ll really be off to the races!


Research social media influencers in your market


Social media has become the most powerful force online as far as word-of-mouth advertising is concerned, and there isn’t any more powerful form of marketing and advertising than word-of-mouth.


By getting social media influencers (those with huge follower counts as well as obvious influence over the people that follow them on social media) to back your products or pitch your products you are able to tap into the social proof that they bring to the table. This is going to skyrocket your sales almost immediately and give you an almost unfair advantage.


Pitch your products to customers of your competitors


While we definitely live in the middle of the most competitive business environment that has ever existed, it turns out that you can turn your direct competitors into your biggest allies and assets when it comes time to sell your products if you’re smart and strategic.


Reach out to your competitors, ask them to offer your products to the customers they have that haven’t purchased their products in a while or the prospects that aren’t ordering from them in the first place and offered to do the same for them to your customers and your inactive prospects. You’ll be able to tap into a distribution network and advertising platform that you may never have been able to unleash before.