How website builds trust for a new business

The internet may have called down a little bit from its early days when it was the digital equivalent of the Wild, Wild West, and folks may have gotten used to buying pretty much anything and everything over the internet when they wouldn’t have even thought about making a purchase online even just 20 short years ago or so – but that doesn’t mean that people don’t remain skeptical about new businesses that seemingly pop up out of nowhere online.


This is why it is so important for your website to build as much trust and credibility for your business as possible. You have to make sure that your site positions you as a trusted expert, positions your products and services as legitimate and reliable, and gives your potential customers all the confidence they need to order from you securely.


Here are some tips and tricks to help you do exactly that!


Take advantage of badges


Probably the simplest and most straightforward way to dramatically improve the credibility of your website is to integrate badges, a design element that conveys a lot of authority and a lot of trust just by its very nature. Money day guarantee badges, 100% refund badges, free shipping badges, and more are all going to give you that instant shot of credibility you’re looking for while immediately getting the kind of message you want to get to your customers across effortlessly.


Emphasize your track record


The second thing that you want to do is emphasize your track record, showing off how happy past clients and customers have been purchasing your products and your services. Testimonials, case studies, and recommendations from real customers are always going to be valuable tools to boost and increase your credibility, and you’ll want to make sure they are displayed prominently on your website.


Payment logos from trusted partners


One of the best ways to improve the credibility and legitimacy of your business is to “borrow” credibility and legitimacy from companies that are implicitly trusted. Having payment logos from all of the major credit card companies as well as PayPal and BitCoin, for example, can give you a lot of extra credibility and your customers a lot more confidence that they might not have had otherwise.


Utilize SSL certificates properly


Anytime you are collecting money or personal and private information from your customers you need to make sure that they are completely safe and secure, which is exactly what SSL certificates do. Invest in SSL certificates (independent SSL certificates) and make sure that your customers are aware that they are safe and secure ordering from you.